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Monsters are swarming the valley and the world is in danger! Only you can save the humans from the monster attacks and solve the mystery of the portals. 

  • Immerse yourself in this new world action adventure game, and use everything in your environment and magical powers to fight the monsters and smash them to bits. 

  • Enjoy dozens of levels, different sceneries and environments, multiple challenges and monster types.

  • With a wizard to guide you, explore magical gems that provide you with super powers and allow you to really smash some monsters. 

  • Complete the campaign or challenge yourself in Horde Mode (warning: Horde Mode is for experts only!).

  • Move through the world by walking or teleporting, great for playing sitting down or standing and for those who suffer from VR motion sickness.

  • This game offers a great low impact workout and gets your heart racing fast!

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